Meet the Owner

Alexis L. Sidney Ea

Alexis Sidney is the founder and main accountant of The Twelve Firm. She has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur while the firm has been in business since 2004. She worked for the federal government for 12 years, where she built stronger communities through disaster recovery. In that role, she managed $7.4 billion in grant programs in preparation for crisis and disaster recovery, economic, and workforce.

Alexis has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in financial management and business administration. She is an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, and she is a graduate of the Federal Executive Board Leadership program.

Alexis uses her voice, as a speaker and facilitator, in conversations about financial management, tax strategies & planning, and business success.

The name of the company was inspired by the number twelve. This number represents important events, figures, and symbols for Alexis. First, the founder’s birthday is in December, the twelfth month of the year. Also, she spent twelve years as an employee working for the federal government, before deciding to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

Second, Jesus had 12 disciples. Alexis is a firm believer in God. She always put God first and let him guide her through the journey. Also, the number twelve is a symbol of faith.

The third is Tom Brady jersey’s number is twelve. Alexis is a big fan of football. Also, she believes Tom Brady is the one of greatest, and she has a lot of respect for what he does. The hard work, the resilience, and the dedication. She embodies those qualities, and that makes her one of the greatest as well. So, there is not a better number that can represent what she does best.

Alexis would love to hear from you. Please reach out with any questions or comments you may have. She can be reached through the contact form here.

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