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Do you have a kickass business idea but don’t have the means to pursue it?

The Twelve Firm is here to help.

For years, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality through our Business Financing service. With our team’s expert advice and our partnerships with hundreds of different lenders that offer unique loan programs that work for all different types of borrowers, we can help you find the best solution that suits you.

Here are some of the loan options available to you now:

  • Low-interest credit lines
  • Long-term conventional bank loans
  • Term loans
  • Cash flow financing up to $500,000 with no collateral or personal credit requirements
  • Unsecured financing up to $150,000, even for startups
  • Asset-based lending with rates less than 5%

Want to know more? Contact us today so we can help you explore your options.

How We Can Help

We understand how challenging it is to get the most amount of money at the best terms to start a business idea or grow your existing business. Our team of loan processors and business advisors in Fayetteville, Georgia can help you in the following ways:

  • Secure multiple types of loans and credit lines from different sources to maximize approvals
  • Negotiate lender rates and terms to get you the best possible deals available
  • Use the volume of loans we close as leverage to get you even better terms
  • Work closely with you and directly with lenders to get your loan approved as quickly as possible
  • Get funding in as fast as 72 hours and get rates even lower than 5% on some funding
  • Gain access to an entire team of loan processors and finance officers to meet your goals

Tired of banks saying “no”? Get in touch with us today and let us help you with your business financing needs!

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