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Bookkeeping Experts, You Can Count On.

As a business owner, you have to wear a lot of different hats, and some of them fit better than others. Many entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with their bookkeeping responsibilities. They don’t have the time, or the knowledge, or they simply don’t enjoy it.


At The Twelve Firm, our bookkeeping services make it possible for you to spend your time where it’s best spent - on your areas of expertise and interest. We have experience in serving a wide range of industries and business models, including food service, health care, real estate, and insurance. Whether you run a factory or sell fashion jewelry, we know the services you need and provide it in a way that suits your schedule and budget.

Our process is all about you and your business, so we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we start with a conversation, speaking to you one-on-one to make sure we know which tasks you want us to work on. Some of our clients ask us to assume all of their bookkeeping responsibilities, while others just need help with a few of the more complex and time-consuming tasks. Whichever route you choose, rest assured that outsourcing these services to our professional team will provide you with high-quality, meticulous bookkeeping services for far less than the cost of hiring an in-house professional.

At The Twelve Firm, our goal is to help you meet your goals, both short and long-term.  We know that competent, consistent bookkeeping is the key to a business's success. Having accurate and professionally-prepared financial documents enhances your understanding of the health of your business and guides your decisions. They can provide creditors and banks with the information that they need to help your business grow. Our services are customized to your specific needs and can include any or all of the following, and more:

  • 1099 service

  • Accounts receivables and payables

  • Aging and vendor reports

  • Balance sheets

  • Bank and credit card reconciliation

  • Data entry

  • Profit and loss sheets

  • Sales tax service

  • Secure data exchange

If you have been considering hiring a bookkeeper, let The Twelve Firm show you how our custom, outsourced bookkeeping services offer a better way. 

Our pricing is 100% transparent and upfront. If you don’t fit into one of the columns above we can adjust to make something custom that does fit for you, bigger or smaller depending on the situation. Most of our clients fit into one of the first three categories, but if not, no worries!

All our services are performed on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly what it will cost each month. We will give you an exact quote for the work before you start, and firm deadlines for getting it done. Our agreement is done in writing and spells everything out so you know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost.

If there are changes to be made, you have questions or other things come up, the price won’t change.

Our service is top-notch precisely because of the way we maximize efficiency in our workflow.


If you have any questions just give us a call for a complete overview of what we can do for you!

Office Desk

You don’t want to guess how much your bookkeeping is gonna cost each month, or have to pay extra for a slow typist, fixing errors, or just because you had a few more sales than usual- and we don’t make you!

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