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Starting a business is an exciting time and a dream come true for many people. However, when the reality and demands of running a business sink in, they can quickly squash the initial thrill.

You need to work out a plan for marketing, financial planning, and management, as failing to do so is a recipe for disaster. That’s where The Twelve Firm comes in. We can help you with all aspects of running your business while planning for the future.

How We Can Help

Our New Business Formation service includes, but are not limited to, the following actions:

  • Provide an initial business plan that covers your approach to marketing, financial planning, and management
  • Assess your initial capital requirements and sources from which you can get it
  • Evaluate and establish the ideal business structure, taking into consideration legal exposure, tax advantages, and how easily you will be able to operate
  • Plan for relocation if necessary
  • Put the most suitable cloud accounting software, tools, and hardware in place
  • Establish systems, processes, and procedures
  • Documentation and applications for state and local permits, licenses, and Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Business insurance needs
  • Setting up a system for payroll and payroll tax filing
  • Create a Partnership Agreement for business partnerships in order to provide necessary protection for both parties

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and build a sustainable business.

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