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Alexis Sidney, EA, MBA, MAFM

I safeguard entrepreneurs taxes to prevent IRS headaches.

Alexis will ensure that your event is not just successful, but creates positive, lifelong results.

Need to kick off your annual conference or retreat, conduct a staff breakout session or inspire a group within your organization? Alexis offers keynote speaking, training, workshops and seminars nationally and internationally.  For years, she has used laughter, creativity, and interactive participation to lead her audiences toward exponential growth.  Alexis is an inspirational speaker who can take any theme and turn it into an unforgettable message of motivation.

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Whether you wish her to use one of her own topics, or to create a new topic according to your desired theme, Alexis will challenge and inspire the audience to seek greatness.

Alexis understands transformation occurs when people change their mindsets and increase their capacity.


When we think our potential cannot go beyond, we must challenge that mindset to fold, and realize our own potential!


Alexis will inspire the audience to expand their vision to see the endless reality of their full capabilities.



Book of Laws

Tax Planning

In this workshop, business owners and executives from non-financial backgrounds will learn the jargon, standard practices and everyday applications of tax, accounting, and tax planning.


Tax Talks

This workshop involves knowing the key principles for the upcoming tax season and important things to know before filing individual taxes.

S- Corp Taxes

In this workshop, know more about S corp income tax rates, what it is and how it affects your business. 

Laptop and Paperwork

Xero Bookkeeping

In this workshop, business owners can get to learn the basics and the benefits of Xero bookkeeping.


Alexis is most requested for:


•    Black History Month
•    Career Panels
•    Economic Empowerment Sessions
•    Entrepreneur Workshops & Panels
•    Freshman Orientations
•    Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Series
•    Prosperity & Financial Series
•    Women’s Conference Keynotes & Break-out Sessions

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