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Alexis L. Sidney, EA, MBA, MAFM

Founder and CEO, Alexis Sidney, EA, MBA, MAFM has built an accounting & tax advisory firm in Fayetteville, Georgia – and is on a mission to take the stress out of tax compliance.


Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Alexis has always had an interest in business – understanding how businesses are structured, how they make money, and how they’re profitable – having grown up with a father who prepared taxes for friends and family.


It was only natural then that Alexis pursued a bachelor’s degree in finance. She followed this up with a master’s degree in financial management and business administration before adding another string to an already overcrowded bow: she became an enrolled agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, a licensed insurance agent, and a graduate of the Federal Executive Board Leadership program.


During college, Alexis took the plunge and set up her own business – Atlanta Tax Services – in 2004. The Atlanta-based company specializes in taxes, accounting, and consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In 2006, Alexis opted to take a job with the federal government in which she was dedicated to building resilient communities through disaster recovery, managing $7.4 billion in grant programs for emergency preparedness and recovery, and economic and workforce development. After a 12-year stint working for the federal government, Alexis was ready to switch hats and return to full-time entrepreneurship and founded The Twelve Firm.


“For me, the passion is about reaching real people who acted on their dreams and set up their own businesses, and getting them to be better on their finances,” said Alexis.


She is highly motivated: “When you’re doing anything in life when there’s a purpose behind it, I think you do it better.” You can hear the enthusiasm in her voice.


Today Alexis has also cemented herself as a media personality. She has appeared on podcasts, radio shows, and TV stations including KBCN Media, Wealth Our Way Finances, and The Kathy Hood Show talking engagingly about money matters.


In our age of insecurity, Alexis stands out as a reassuring source of authority – she takes us by the hand and guides us through the perplexing world of finance.


She has based her career and company on arguably the last thing we all have in common: the wish to have better financial health.


There’s nothing new about wanting to have our financial house in order. But now, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit small businesses hard, it feels particularly urgent.


While The Twelve Firm is, of course, first and foremost a business, Alexis also considers it a public service. “This is a mission. I want to help individuals and small businesses alike make their financial life happier. This is why I get out of bed in the morning.”

Alexis is also a devoted wife to her husband and three small children. She is involved in her church, and local community and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., she is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals. In addition, Alexis is the Founder and Executive Director of Financial Treehouse, Inc., a non-profit organization that teaches school-age children financial acumen.

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