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I COME AS ONE - Podcast

On this episode of I Come As One, we sit down with Alexis Sidney to hear about how she made the courageous leap from careerist to full-time entrepreneur, and she’s breaking down all of the joys and struggles of her journey.

TAX TALK 2021 & 2022

It’s Tax Time! Alexis Sidney of The Twelve Firm provides valuable information for this tax season.

Service Taxes and Insurance Presentation

Beyond 4/15 Tax Summit 2022-S-Corporations Workshop

Orlando, FL

WBENC 2021

Alumni Panel about the WBENC Executive Education Program (EOS Program)

What's Write Off Anyway??!!

Part 1 - Self Employed Taxes

Speak Out Loud

Speak Out Loud Live Podcast with Lynette Jackson

As Seen In

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The Business Journals

In Her Own Words: Alexis Sidney’s pandemic reset - Bizwomen

For Alexis Sidney and The Twelve Firm she founded, a full-service accounting and consulting firm, there’s a new emphasis on small business services as well as setting boundaries.


Smiling Businesswoman

TJ and Trucking

Thank you for taking time out of your day at the last minute and assisting me with my business and helping it get back on track. We are excited that we hired your company to represent my company in all my business needs. Thank you for your extra time and dedication making sure what's important to me and that is good customer service and true dedication in servicing business owners.

- Mrs. Brown

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