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How are you going to accomplish your WHY if you are constantly stressed out about your business finances and profitability?

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We are CFOs who advise business owners and specialize in the real estate investing industry.

We’ve supported many real estate deals (whether they be wholesale, flip, rental, apartments, private money – you name it!)

As CFOs we have a diverse background in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, tax planning, insurance, and IRS tax resolution. In addition, we are Certified Intentional Profit Professionals and are trained as CFOs to increase your business revenue, owner’s pay, cash reserves, and more!

As a Certifed Profit First Professional, our CFOs are trained to implement the Profit First method and system in your business.

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Founder and CEO, Alexis Sidney, EA, MBA, MAFM has built an accounting & tax advisory firm in Fayetteville, Georgia – and is on a mission to take the stress out of tax compliance.


Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Alexis has always had an interest in business – understanding how businesses are structured, how they make money, and how they’re profitable – having grown up with a father who prepared taxes for friends and family.

It was only natural then that Alexis pursued a bachelor’s degree in finance. She followed this up with a master’s degree in financial management and business administration before adding another string to an already overcrowded bow: she became an enrolled agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, a licensed insurance agent, a certified Profit First Professional, and a graduate of the Federal Executive Board Leadership program.



Providing You With PEACE of Mind

The Twelve Firm is a certified women-owned full-service accounting firm in Fayetteville, Georgia that provides a comprehensive range of solutions ranging from accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, payroll, business financing, and business credit.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand how challenging and overwhelming it is to run your business with limited resources. By partnering with The Twelve Firm, you’ll be able to tap into our expertise and extensive experience in managing finances and compliance requirements.


At The Twelve Firm, our main goal is to help small business owners drive growth and achieve financial freedom. We do this by helping them keep their finances on track, reduce their tax liabilities legally, boost profits, and provide valuable cash flow insight.


Our mission is simple: to take the financial burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best, like growing your business. As a client-centered business, we go beyond crunching numbers and play an integral role in your business success with our strategic advice.


Our team’s vision is to continue pushing the boundaries of accounting and contributing to effective economic growth by helping small businesses succeed. By embracing innovation and through our steadfast commitment in delivering quality services, The Twelve Firm has become the leading accounting advisory firm in Fayetteville, Georgia. However, our long-term vision is to continue to expand and empower more business owners and families.



Tax strategy + Preparation

Dive deep into the world of taxes with our bespoke strategies, tailored just for you. We don't just plan; we innovate, ensuring your path to financial clarity is both efficient and enlightening.

irs tax resolution

Having IRS problems? Do you owe back taxes or issues? Let us sort it out.


Unlock the story your numbers tell. Our meticulous bookkeeping services provide a clear picture of your financial narrative, empowering you to make informed decisions with precision and foresight.

cfo advisory services

Elevate your business with the strategic insight of a CFO, tailored to fit your needs. Our fractional CFO services offer the wisdom and expertise of executive leadership, without the full-time commitment.

Financial Planning & Insurance

The insurance planning process starts with an analysis of your financial goals.

real estate

Looking to buy, sell or invest. We got you covered. 

Business Funding

Let one of our five-star reviewed professionals take the tedious work off your hands.

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We coach business owners on how to implement a cash flow managment system into there busines, to gain financial clarity and profitability.

business formation

The formation of a company is an important before you can open your doors, there are many things that need to happen.

Government Contracting

We offer cost-effective professional services to a wide spectrum of federal clients, including Combatant Commands and other governmental offices and departments.



It isn't easy to find a good tax preparer, much less an amazing, detail-oriented, prompt, cheerful, and helpful one. Alexis has been doing our taxes for years now and hopefully forever. She makes it all easy and stress-free.


True professionals. Signs returns. Explains strategies. Online or in-person. Fast replies. Secure web portal. Thank you for all you do!


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500 Lanier Ave W, Ste 101, Fayetteville, GA 30214 

Email: |  Tel: 678-458-9455

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