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Disorganization or missing documentation tells a lender that you’re a risky investment. Avoiding this problem is as easy as having The Twelve Firm assist you with your application. We understand what lenders are looking for, and will approach the organization and preparation of your loan proposal from their perspective. This gives you a real advantage and will increase your chances of securing the loan you’re looking for.

The Twelve Firm will take your information and assemble it in a format that tells the bank exactly what they want to know. We make sure that lenders feel confident in your ability to pay them back, and that’s how we increase the likelihood that you get the money you’re looking for. When we put together a business proposal, it includes the key points that banks want to see, including: 

  • An Executive Summary that provides them with an understanding of exactly why you need additional funding, how much money you need, what the loan is for, and how it will be used.

  • Financial Statements and Pro-forma Cash Budgets that assemble your data and assumptions into a format that bankers can understand and which give substance to your request.

  • Owners’ Personal Financial Statements, including personal tax returns from the previous three years and identification of what collateral will be provided for the bank’s security.

  • In-person representation of your material to the bank, justifying and providing an explanation of your position and your needs.

If your business is expanding and you need additional funding to facilitate its growth, you need to be sure that the paperwork for your business loan application is complete and in order.


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