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Book your event now!

To book with Alexis L. Sidney follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Complete this booking form.

  2. Review the signature talk page to determine which presentation your organization needs.

  3. Complete your awesome client call with Dr. Cozette and your committee or board.

  4. Complete the 1-page contract and send deposit per contract.

Upon receipt of your request, our staff will confirm your request and submit the official response to your invitation for Alexis Sidney to speak.  At the time of our response, we will outline specifics such as arrival time, product table, honorariums/fees, etc.  On the day of the event, Alexis Sidney prides herself with providing continuing educational materials to your audience and requests a speaker table. 


Additionally, Alexis Sidney is excited about the opportunity to connect and greet audience participants.

For out of town events, travel arrangements must be made and the confirmation schedules must be sent 30 days prior to the start date.

We look forward to making your next event, AMAZING!

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